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authors Susie & César Gamiño
Susie and César Gamiño: The Dynamic Duo Behind Plant Peeps

Susie Gamiño, the imaginative force behind the enchanting Plant Peeps book series, found her muse in an indoor hydroponic garden unit. As she nurtured her plants, she often found herself conversing with them, imagining their witty comebacks and playful banter. This whimsical interaction laid the foundation for the Plant Peeps series, a testament to the bond between humans and nature.
Together with her husband, César Gamiño, a talented filmmaker and artist, they brought the world of Plant Peeps to life. Susie masterfully penned the captivating tales, while César illustrated the books and directed the accompanying animated series available online. Their combined efforts as a married team of creators have resulted in a series that is not only entertaining but also educational. Through the adventures of the Plant Peeps, readers and viewers learn about indoor gardening, the intricacies of hydroponic systems, and the life lessons that help plants (and us) navigate life's challenges.
The Gamiños' decade-long experience in creating comedy videos shines through in the humor and wit of both the books and the animated series. Feedback from their audience highlights the love for characters like Baby Carrot and the appreciation for the stunning illustrations and animations.
A family affair, many of the characters in the animated series are voiced by friends and family. Susie's mother, Christine, a former kindergarten teacher, serves as a beacon of inspiration, guiding the educational undertones of the series.
The core message of the Plant Peeps series is unity and love. It emphasizes the importance of sustainable growing practices, such as hydroponic gardening, and fosters a deeper connection with nature. The Gamiños hope to inspire the younger generation to become guardians of our planet, to embrace differences as strengths, and to understand the power of collaboration. A testament to their commitment to spreading love, every book begins with the heartwarming message, "This book was made with love. Know that you are loved."

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